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We incorporate the following professional product lines in our body procedures:




LACOTE was founded in 1986 by Egidio Siena - expert in beauty treatments and great lover of the sea. He realized that seaweed carries properties beneficial to our health can be used to cure obesity and rheumatism  and as ingredient for traditional recipes for wellness, beauty and care of the skin. Guam Seaweed mud is  strictly produced in LACOTE laboratories located in San Prospero, Italy.  It is also the better-known and the  most effective product against cellulite-derived skin imperfection.




Health Spa TorontoThis is a revolutionary Swiss skin care company with other 25 years of experience. It is the recognized pioneer in color energy treatments for the face and body.

The Phytobiodermie method is based on the Chinese theory of the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water as descriptive of seasonal as well as individual human energy patterns. Earth element is further associated with the energy of a specific color which, when scientifically applied, has been shown to assist in rebalancing the major organic energy system of the body. Phytobiodermie products are made in Switzerland of pure, natural ingredients including clay, algae, essential oil, and trace minerals - and are animal product and cruelty free.



LPG TorontoSince 1972 this renowned French brand has developed products for the professionals in the beauty industry.  Root of the brands reputation stems from some extremely successful products such as ant-ageing creme Absolue, the Gommage exfoliator and the C17 purifying Serium. Phyt’s products are known to contain no preservative, colouring agents, gelling agents, antioxidants or stabilizers. 

Plant-aesthetic, aroma-aesthetic, trace-element-aesthetics, and vitamin-aesthetics, all of this associations have been mastered to make Phyt’s products powerful regulators of balance to serve the beauty of the female body.